Follow this procedure to replace the components of a server running in degraded mode. This procedure applies to the following components:
  • CPU
  • memory
  • NIC
  • power supply
  • iDRAC


  • Host is operational and is reachable by vCenter Web Client.
  • Management, vSAN, and vMotion networks must be available on the host
  • The HDD and SSD disks on the host are in a good state.


  1. Log in to vSphere Web Client.
  2. Right-click the affected host and click Enter Maintenance Mode.
  3. If the host belongs to a domain, click Full Data Migration.
  4. On the Dashboard page, click VIEW DETAILS for Workload Domain and click the affected domain.
  5. Click the physical rack that contains the affected server.
  6. Scroll down to the Hosts section.
  7. In the HOST column, click the host name that shows a critical status (for example, N1 in the example below).
    The Host Details page displays the details for this host.
  8. Click TURN OFF HOST.
  9. Pull the host out of the physical rack. Note the ports on the management and ToR switches it was connected to.
  10. Service the appropriate part.
  11. Put the host back in the physical rack and connect it to the management and ToR switches.
  12. Power on the host.
  13. In vSphere Web Client, right-click the host and click Exit Maintenance Mode.