When configuring backup and restore, consider your recovery strategy, including the backup solution being used, where it is implemented, and how the different Cloud Foundation components are backed up and restored.

Note: A restore operation may result in state inconsistencies. It is recommended that you contact VMware Support before restoring a management component to get assistance with identifying and correcting any state inconsistencies that may develop.

Recovery Strategy

It is recommended that you schedule regular backups for all management VMs.

Before you can restore any management VMs, the following components must be operational:

  • The management vCenter Server
  • The Platform Services Controller VMs
  • The SDDC Manager VM
  • The SDDC Manager Utility VM

Therefore, if any of these components were impacted, restore them first before restoring any management VMs. For example, the management vCenter Server must be restored first because it manages all the other management VMs.

Using Dell EMC Avamar Virtual Edition (AVE)

You can use any backup tool that meets the Requirements.

The Dell EMC Avamar Virtual Edition (AVE) appliance meets the requirements for image-level backup and restore operations, and integrates well with Cloud Foundation. For product information, see https://www.emc.com/data-protection/avamar.htm.
Note: For deployment and configuration of Dell EMC Avamar on the management domain of Cloud Foundation, see the VMware Knowledge Base article: https://kb.vmware.com/kb/2149872.
It is recommend that the Avamar appliance is hosted on an IP-based storage connected to the management domain.