You use the IP Distribution screen to work with the set of excluded IP addresses and to download information about the IP addresses allocated by the SDDC Manager software's IP address management (IPAM).

IP Exclusions

This area displays the set of IP addresses and range of addresses that are currently registered in the software as excluded addresses. SDDC Manager is prevented from assigning the IP addresses in this set to resources. You usually want to exclude an IP address when it is already assigned to a service in your corporate network or which you want reserved for other uses.

SDDC Manager allocates IP addresses to internal resources from the subnets you enter during the Cloud Foundation bring-up process or during the Virtual Infrastructure workload domain creation process. When those subnets include IP address that are already used in your corporate network for other purposes, or which you want to reserve for another use, you exclude those IP addresses to prevent IP conflicts. Using this screen, you can add those IP addresses or ranges of addresses that you want to prevent from automatic assignment to resources in your Cloud Foundation system. Excluding such IP addresses helps to prevent IP conflicts.

When you make a change in this screen, you must use the Update button to confirm the change.

Add to the excluded set by entering the address or range that you want to exclude, clicking +, and clicking Update. Remove an item from the set by clicking its - and clicking Update.

IP Allocations

Click Download to download a CSV file that contains information about the IP address allocations made by IPAM, such as:

  • Information about each subnet established in your system, such as the subnet address, broadcast address, and so on
  • Number of IPs currently available in each subnet
  • The distributed port group associated with each subnet