vCenter Server and ESXi update on a host might fail in the task of exiting maintenance mode.


Sometimes during an ESXi and vCenter update process, a host might fail to exit maintenance mode, which results in a failed update process.


During an update, the system puts a host into maintenance mode to perform the update on that host, and then tells the host to exit maintenance mode after its update is completed. At that point in time, an issue on the host might prevent it from exiting maintenance mode.


  1. Attempt to remove the host from maintenance mode in vSphere Web Client.
    1. In the vSphere Web Client, locate the host.
    2. Right-click the host name and select Maintenance Mode > Exit Maintenance Mode.
      The vSphere Web Client reports any issues with the host regarding maintenance mode.
    3. Address any reported issues and remove the host from maintenance mode.
  2. When the host has successfully existed from maintenance mode, return to the SDDC Manager interface.
  3. Retry the update from the Available Updates list.