The update process reverts some LCM properties to their default settings. If you have customized the settings of any of these properties, you may want to restore them using the following procedure.

The LCM settings are located in the /home/vrack/lcm/lcm-app/conf/ file.

The following table lists the user-configurable properties and their default values.
Category Property Default Value
LCM Bundle Download lcm.core.enableManifestPolling true
LCM Bundle Download lcm.core.manifest.poll.cron 0 5 * * * *
Bundle Auto Download false
Bundle Download Auto Retry false
Bundle Download Auto Retry 5
Bundle Download Auto Retry 3600000
Bundle Depot lcm.depot.adapter.enableBundleSignatureValidation true
Bundle Depot lcm.depot.adapter.certificateCheckEnabled true
Bundle Depot lcm.depot.adapter.proxyEnabled false
Bundle Depot lcm.depot.adapter.proxyHost
Bundle Depot lcm.depot.adapter.proxyPort 3128


  1. Using SSH, log in as root to the SDDC Manager VM.
  2. Go to the /home/vrack/lcm/lcm-app/conf directory.
  3. Open the file in a text editor.
    Review the properties that may have been reset during the update process, as shown in the following excerpt.
    # LCM Bundle Download
    lcm.core.manifest.poll.cron=0 5 * * * *
    # Bundle Auto Download
    # Bundle Download Auto Retry
    # Bundle Depot
  4. Modify the property settings to restore your customization, as applicable.
  5. Save and close the properties file.