During the running of the workflow to decommission an ESXi host, the workflow's progress appears stuck at the task for putting the host in maintenance mode.


When you examine the progress of the decommission workflow on the Workflows page, you see the workflow has reached the task named Enter hosts maintenance mode. However, the workflow does not progress beyond that task.


During the decommission workflow, the workflow invokes the standard vSphere operation to put the host in maintenance mode. When the host you are decommissioning is part of a management domain or a workload domain, DRS is in force on that management or workload domain. If the host has VMs running on it, when the decommission workflow invokes the operation to put the host in maintenance mode, DRS is automatically invoked to migrate those VMs to another host.

In some situations, DRS might fail to automatically migrate all of the VMs off of the host. For example, if migrating all of the VMs to the other hosts in the underlying group might violate a VM/Host DRS or vSphere HA failover rule, then DRS does not migrate the VMs.

If VMs remain on the host, the host cannot enter maintenance mode and the decommission workflow cannot complete that task and progress to its next task. To resolve this situation, you can manually migrate the VMs to another host in the group and then use the Restart Workflow icon to restart the decommission workflow.


  1. Verify that DRS has failed to automatically migrate VMs off the host by opening the vSphere Web Client and examining the recent tasks.
    1. In the SDDC Manager Dashboard, navigate to that host's Host Details page.
    2. Click the vCenter Server launch link to launch the vSphere Web Client.
    3. In the vSphere Web Client, locate the Enter maintenance mode task in the Recent Tasks pane.
    Confirm the status of the Enter maintenance mode task indicates it is waiting for all VMs to be powered off or migrated.
  2. Locate the VMs that remain on the host by clicking Related Objects > Virtual Machines for the host.
  3. Migrate each VM to another host in the workload domain until there are no VMs running on that host.
  4. In the SDDC Manager Dashboard, restart the decommission workflow.
    1. Navigate to System Status > Workflows and expand the decommission workflow to see its details.