When you decommission a server, it is cleaned up as part of the workflow. However, a dead host or host with a failed SATADOM is not cleaned up during decommissioning.


Ensure that the following has been completed on the decommissioned host before adding it to a physical rack.

  • Verify that the decommissioned host has been re-imaged. See Image Individual Server in the VIA User's Guide.

  • Verify that the manifest for the re-imaged host has been downloaded and is available. See View Inventory in the VIA User's Guide.

  • Verify that the decommissioned host has a password on the host is EvoSddc!2016. This is the default password for all ESXi hosts.

  • Verify that the decommissioned host has an IP address from the range -

  • Verify that Secure Shell (SSH) is enabled.

  • Verify that the firewall on the SSH host is enabled and connections are restricted to the subnet.

  • Verify that the DNS IP is set to

The above prerequisites ensure that the decommissioned host has been recommissioned.


  1. Mount the recommissioned host in an empty slot on the rack and connect it to the management and ToR switches according to the wire map.
  2. Start up the recommissioned host.
  3. On the the SDDC Manager Dashboard, go to SETTINGS > Physical Rack Settings.
  4. Click Add Host.
  5. Select the rack to which you want to add the host.
  6. Upload the manifest file that you downloaded after the host was imaged.

    After the host is discovered, the Continue button is enabled.

  7. Click Continue.

    The bring-up process starts on the host. If you move to another UI window, you must click Continue for the bring-up process to start. As each task is completed, a green arrow appears next to the task.

    After bring-up is completed, a completion message is displayed.

  8. Navigate to Dashboard > Physical Resources > Physical Resources > Rack Details and confirm that the newly added host is displayed here.

    If the host is not visible on the SDDC Manager Dashboard, restart the SDDC Manager health service:

    1. Using SSH, log in as root to the SDDC Manager VM.
    2. Run the following API call.

      curl -X PUT -d 'restart' http://localhost:8080/vrm-ui/api/1.0/health


The recommissioned host is now available for addition to workload domains.