One of the prerequisites for installing vRealize Automation in Cloud Foundation is configuring Microsoft SQL Server. Specifically, you must join the SQL Server VM to Active Directory, create a new administrative user for SQL Server access, and create the SQL database.


The following procedures assumes you have both Active Directory and Microsoft SQL Server, and the administrative permissions necessary to make configuration changes.


  1. Join the Microsoft SQL Server VM to Active Directory.
    1. In the Computer Name/Domain Changes screen, select the domain and enter the domain name.
    2. Click OK.
    3. Specify the credentials and reboot the VM to apply the new settings.
  2. In SQL Server Management Studio, you must create a new login for the administrative user.
    1. Log in as administrative user to SQL Server Management Studio.
    2. Navigate to the Security - Logins page, and select New Login.
    3. In the Search field, select Locations and then the entire directory.
    4. For Object Name, specify Administrator and click Check Names.
    5. From the Active Directory, select the Administrator User.
    6. In Server Roles, select all check boxes.
  3. Do one of the following procedures:
    • Disable the firewall.

    • Enable connections through port 5432.

  4. Create the Microsoft SQL database.

    The following conditions apply.

    • The Active Directory administrator user must be the database owner.

    • The Snapshot Isolation option must be enabled.

    • The Read Committed Snapshot options must be enabled.

    • The Recovery Model option must be set to Simple.