LCM polls the VMware depot to access update bundles. If you do not have internet connectivity in your Cloud Foundation system, you can use the Bundle Transfer utility to manually the bundles from the depot on your local computer and then upload them to SDDC Manager. The utility identifies applicable bundles based on the current software versions in your environment based on a marker file generated on the SDDC Manager Controller VM.


A Windows or Linux computer with internet connectivity for downloading the bundles. If it is a Windows computer, it must have Java 8 or later.


  1. Using SSH, log in as root to the SDDC Manager Controller VM and navigate to the /home/vrack/lcm/lcm-tools/bin directory.
  2. Ensure that you have vrack user permissions by typing the following command.

    sudo su - vrack.

  3. Generate a marker file by running the following command.

    ./lcm-bundle-transfer-util -generateMarker

    The marker file is a JSON file that contains information on the current software versions running on SDDC Manager. It also contains the bundles IDs for bundles that were downloaded before this file was generated.

    Figure 1. Sample Marker File

  4. Copy the content of the /home/vrack/lcm/lcm-tools/bin folder to a computer with internet access. This copies over the utility and the markers file.
  5. On the external computer, run the following command.
    ./lcm-bundle-transfer-util -download
    			 -outputDirectory ${absolute-path-output-dir}
    			 -sku ${sku}
    			 -depotUser ${depotUser} 
    			 -markerFile ${absolute-path-markerFile}
    			 -markerMd5File ${absolute-path-markerFile.md5}



    Path to the directory where the bundle files are to be downloaded. This directory folder must have 777 permissions.

    If you do not specify the download directory, bundles are downloaded to the default directory with 777 permissions.


    SKU or Service Provider of the index file.


    User name for VMware depot.


    Password for the depot account. If there are any special characters in the password, specify the password within single quotes.


    Path to the marker file.

    If you do not specify the path to the marker file, all update bundles on the depot are downloaded.


    Path to the marker MD5 checksum file.

    The utility generates a delta file (deltaFileDownloaded) in the download directory based on the software versions in the marker file and the update bundles available on the depot. The applicable bundles idetified in the delta file are downloaded. Download progress for each bundle is displayed.


    Do not modify the download directory or the deltaFileDownloaded file.

    Figure 2. Download Directory Structure
  6. Copy the update bundle files from the external computer to the SDDC Manager Controller VM.
  7. Upload the bundle files to LCM by typing the following command in a command line window.

    ./lcm-bundle-transfer-util -upload -bundleDirectory ${absolute-path-output-dir}

    where absolute-path-output-dir is the directory where the bundle files need to be uploaded. Typically, this is /home/vrack/lcm/lcm-tools/bin.

    The utility uploads the bundles specified in the deltaFileDownloaded file. The console displays upload status for each bundle.