The Server Selection page displays available hosts along with hosts details. Hosts that are powered off, cannot be accessed via SSH, or have not been properly commissioned are not displayed.

  • For a VI workload domain, you can only select hosts that have the same storage type. When you select the first host, hosts that have a storage type different from the selected host are grayed out.

  • When selecting hosts, select only healthy hosts. To check a host's health, log into it and run use the SoS health check command:

    ./sos --health-check

    For more information, see Supportability and Serviceability (SoS) Tool.

  • For optimum performance, you should select hosts that are identical in terms of memory, CPU types, storage, and disks. If you select unbalanced hosts, the UI displays a warning message, but you can proceed with the workload domain creation.


  1. Select hosts for building the VI workload domain.

    When you select hosts with sufficient storage to forma VI cluster, the Next button is enabled.

  2. Click Next.