You can restore a backup only on a freshly deployed NSX Manager appliance.

Before restoring NSX Manager data, it is recommended that you reinstall the NSX Manager appliance. Running the restore operation on an existing NSX Manager appliance is not officially supported. This assumes that the existing NSX Manager has failed, and therefore a new NSX Manager appliance should be deployed.


  1. Review the existing NSX Manager settings in the latest Cloud Foundation configuration backup.
  2. Deploy a new NSX Manager appliance.

    The new NSX Manager appliance must be the same version as the backed up appliance.

  3. Log in to the new NSX Manager appliance.
  4. Under Appliance Management, click Backups & Restore.
  5. In FTP Server Settings, click Change to add the settings from the latest Cloud Foundation configuration backup.

    The Host IP Address, User Name, Password, Backup Directory, Filename Prefix, and Pass Phrase fields in the Backup Location screen must identify the location of the backup to be restored.

  6. In the Backup History section, select the required backup folder to restore.
  7. Click Restore.
  8. Click OK to confirm.