In a typical Cloud Foundation system, you will encounter specific VMware software that SDDC Manager deploys in the system.


For information about which specific editions of each VMware product are licensed for use with the Cloud Foundation license, use the information resources at the Cloud Foundation product information page at

For the exact version numbers of the VMware products that you might see in your Cloud Foundation system after the initial bring-up process, see the Release Notes document for your Cloud Foundation version. If the system has been updated after the initial bring-up process using the Life Cycle Management features, see View Inventory Component Versions for details on how to view the versions of the VMware software components that are within your system.


Do not manually change any of the settings that SDDC Manager sets automatically. If you change the generated settings, like names of VMs, unpredictable results might occur. Do not change settings for the resources that are automatically created and deployed during workflows, the workload domain processes, assigned IP addresses or names, and so on.

You can find the documentation for the following VMware software products and components at

  • vSphere (vCenter Server, Platform Services Controller, and ESXi)

  • vSAN

  • NSX for vSphere

  • vRealize Log Insight

  • vRealize Operations

  • vRealize Automation