You can see the tasks being completed as the SDDC components are deployed and configured.



The system configuration for Cloud Foundation begins. During this process, the following tasks are completed.

  • Non-routable IP addresses of all hosts in the rack are reconfigured and the changed IP addresses are updated in the physical inventory.

  • ESXi bootbank and state files are backed up.

  • PSC, vSphere, vSAN, vRealize Log Insight, and NSX components are deployed.

  • The management domain is created, which contains the SDDC Manager, all vCenter Servers, and NSX Managers and Controllers. Hosts that are not in the management cluster are configured for Cloud Foundation as well.

  • Each component in the rack is assigned a unique password.

You can search for a task and can also download and print the task list.

The amount of time it takes for the bring up process to be completed depends on the number of servers in the physical rack.


After bring-up is successful, the SEE IP ALLOCATION button is enabled.