The software bundle ISO file contains the software bits and scripts to be imaged on the physical rack. You can upload multiple bundles at a time and activate the bundle that is to be used for imaging.

About this task

The bundle contains the following software:

  • SDDC Manager

  • vSphere (Platform Services Controller, vCenter Server and ESXi)

  • vSAN

  • NSX

  • vRealize Suite (vRealize Log Insight, vRealize Operations, and vRealize Automation

  • VMware Horizon

  • App Volumes

You can upload additional VIBs based on server models and can also provide an ESXi ISO different from the one included in the core bundle to image the servers in your racks.


  • Download the Cloud Foundation software bundle and the md5sum file on your laptop, desktop, or jump VM.

  • If you are re-purposing hosts in your datacenter, backup the data on the hosts. They are wiped clean during imaging.

  • Ensure that the KVM console for servers is closed.


  1. In a browser window on the jump VM, type
  2. Click Bundle. Ensure that you are in the Core Bundle tab.


  3. In the Bundle Location area, click Refresh.

    Wait for the message CD mounted successfully to be displayed.

  4. In the Bundle Hash area, click Browse, navigate to the directory that contains the MD5SUM file, select the file, and click Open.
  5. Click Upload Bundle.

    The bundle upload can take several minutes. After the upload is complete, the message Bundle uploaded successfully is displayed in the Upload Bundle area.

  6. In the Bundle Info area, select the bundle in Available Versions and click Activate Bundle.

    The selected bundle is now the active bundle for imaging and is ready to be used. Active bundle details are displayed next to Active Bundle.

    The bundle is copied to the /mnt/cdrom/ directory on the VIA VM.