The BIOS settings for each server in the physical rack must match the values given below. It is a good practice to set the values in the order specified below to avoid any imaging failures.

If BIOS changes are needed to set the boot device, disable all NICs on each server except for the management port and dual port card. If the server can boot from the connected NIC cards, you do not need to disable the additional NICs.

For information on how to set the required BIOS values, refer to the vendor documentation.



CPU and Performance Settings

Set per ESXi recommendations. See VMware vSphere documentation.

Onboard SATA controller

Required only for servers with a SATADOM or M2 as boot disk

AHCI mode

Boot Order

Network First

Second in Boot Order

Boot Disk

Boot mode

Legacy or UEFI

Storage Controller

Passthrough Mode

Reboot the servers after changing the BIOS settings to ensure that the changes are in place.