If you have servers in your datacenter that need VIBs not included in the core bundle, you can upload these additional VIBs on VIA.


Download the 3rd party VIB you want to add to the software bundle on the jump VM where you are running VIA.


  1. In the Modify VIBs tab, select the vendor or click Add Vendor.

  2. For a new vendor, type the vendor name and click Add.
  3. Select the server model or click Add Model.
  4. For a new model, type the model name.

    The model name you enter must match the model or product name on the server's BIOS settings. This ensures that the correct VIB is loaded on the server.

    The available VIBs are displayed.

  5. To add 3rd party VIBs, click Browse next to the Select VIB field, select the VIB and click Upload VIB.

    Only files with a .vib extension are accepted.

  6. In Available VIBs, select the VIB to be added to the bundle.
  7. Click Upload VIB.