You can choose to image the servers in your rack with an ISO different from the one included in the core software bundle. The ISO must be of the same version that is included with the Cloud Foundation software bundle. For more information, see the Cloud Foundation Release Notes.


Download the ISO you want to use for imaging on the jump VM where you are running VIA.


  1. In the Bundle tab, click Modify ISOs.
    • Active

  2. Select the vendor name.

    The ISO in the core bundle is displayed.

  3. In Select ISO to Add, click Browse, select the ISO to add and click OK..
  4. Type the MD5 or SHA-1 checksum for the ISO.

    You can either download the MD5 checksum from the location where you downloaded the ISO, or generate it via another tool.

  5. Click Upload ISO.
  6. In the Available ISOs section, click the Active radio button next the newly uploaded ISO.