Additional third-party software may be required in order to support the VMware Cloud Foundation solution.

In order to access the Cloud Builder VM UI to begin the Cloud Foundation deployment, you will need a host with a supported web browser. You will use the same host and browser to access the Cloud Foundation UI after deployment. See the VMware Cloud Foundation release notes for information about supported web browsers.

In addition, this host must have connectivity to the management network. When implementing a network specific to the out-of-band management of the servers through the BMC ports, the host should be multi-homed and able to access the configured out-of-band network as well.

Finally, the host should have enough storage space available to support the transfer of applications, log bundles, and, optionally, vRealize Automation template images.

You can use Cloud Foundation to automate the deployment of vRealize Automation. If you choose this option, the following additional products are required in order to complete the deployment. See the VMware Cloud Foundation Operations and Administration Guide for more information about deploying vRealize Automation.

Table 1. Third-Party Software Required to Automate the Deployment of vRealize Automation
SDDC Layer Required by VMware Component Vendor Product Item Product Version
Cloud Management vRealize Automation Microsoft Windows Server Windows 2016 Standard (64-bit)
Microsoft SQL Server SQL Server 2012 or SQL Server 2016 Standard or higher (64-bit)