Allocate host names and IP addresses to all external services required by Cloud Foundation.

Allocate host names and IP addresses to the following components and configure DNS with an FQDN that maps to the IP address where defined:
Component Requires DNS Configuration
Active Directory Yes

The following table provides an example of the information to be collected for the external services. This example uses a fictional DNS domain called rainpole.local for illustration purposes. Modify the sample information to conform to your site's configuration.

Table 1. Sample External Services Hostname and IP Information
Component Group Hostname DNS IP Address Description
NTP ntp sfo01.rainpole.local Round robin DNS pool containing the NTP servers
0.ntp sfo01.rainpole.local First NTP server
1.ntp sfo01.rainpole.local Second NTP server
AD/DNS/CA dc01rpl rainpole.local

Windows 2012 R2 host that contains the Active Directory configuration, the DNS server for the rainpole.local domain, and the Certificate Authority for signing management SSL certificates

dc01sfo sfo01.rainpole.local Active Directory and DNS server for the sfo01 subdomain