You must allocate an IP subnet to each application virtual network to be consumed by the management applications that are deployed on these networks.

By default, Cloud Foundation uses NSX Data Center for vSphere to create VXLAN-based networks, called application virtual networks (AVNs). vRealize Suite products are deployed using these AVNs.

The following table includes AVN IP subnets for a sample deployment. Use this sample to define the actual IP subnets for your environment. A single /24 subnet is used for each AVN. IP management is critical to ensure no shortage of IP addresses.

Table 1. Sample IP Subnets for the Application Virtual Networks
Application Virtual Network IP Subnet

AVNs require a /24 subnet reserved for use by the Universal Distributed Logical Router (UDLR) for East-West Management Traffic and ECMP-enabled NSX Edge devices for North-South management traffic.