The vSAN stretched cluster extends the cluster from one data site to two sites for high availability and load balancing. You can stretch the cluster on the management domain as well as the workload domain using the Supportability and Serviceability Utility (SoS).

You may want to stretch a cluster for the following reasons.
  • Planned maintenance

    You can perform a planned maintenance on an availability zone without any downtime and then migrate the applications after the maintenance is completed.

  • Automated recovery

    Stretching a cluster automatically initiates VM restart and recovery, and has a low recovery time objective for the majority of unplanned failures.

  • Disaster avoidance

    With a stretched cluster, you can prevent service outages before an impending disaster such as a hurricane or rising flood levels.


You have to manually validate the parameters such as the FQDN of the hosts, status of the stretched cluster, and so on, before passing it to SoS.