Enterprise PKS is not a part of the VMware Cloud Foundation Bill of Materials starting from release 3.10.2 and version compatibilty between Enterprise PKS and NSX-T Data Center is not maintained. Hence, you must upgrade Enterprise PKS workload domains in your environment before upgrading NSX-T workload domains.

Upgrading Enterprise PKS to 1.9.4 is a multi-step process. This section includes links to the Pivotal documentation.


  1. Retrieve the SSH key configured for Pivotal Operations Manager in your current environment.
    1. In the navigation bar, click Workload Domains.
    2. In the PKS section, click Details.
    3. Click the link for the appropriate PKS domain and copy the solution ID from the link. An example link is as follows:
      https://sddc-manager /ui/sddc-manager/inventory/domains/pks-domains/d695d9a0-fe5f-4efb-ac3c-ff6b09f44a5b(monitoring-panel:monitoring/tasks}

      The solution ID in this link is d695d9a0-fe5f-4efb-ac3c-ff6b09f44a5b.

    4. Using SSH, log in to the SDDC Manager VM and run the following command.
      curl localhost/solutions/discovery/pks-solution-id/opsmanagersshkey | jq -r '.sshKey'
      where you replace pks-solution-id with the key you retrieved in step 1c.
    5. Copy the SSH key and store it.
  2. Upgrade to VMware Cloud Foundation 3.10.2.
  3. Prepare the SSH public key for Pivotal Operations Manager upgrade by running the following command:
    ssh-keygen -y -f opsmanagerssh.key > opsmanagerssh.pub
    where you replace opsmanagerssh.key with the file name where the SSH key you retrieved in step 1e is stored.
    The public key is stored in the outputkey.pub file.
  4. Upgrade Pivotal Operations Manager to 2.9.17-build.232 with the public key you obtained in step 3. See Upgrading Ops Manager.
  5. Upgrade Enterprise PKS to 1.8.2 build 3 via Pivotal Operations Manager. See Upgrading Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition with Ops Manager.
  6. Upgrade to Enterprise PKS 1.9.4. See Upgrading Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition with Ops Manager.