By default, the upgrade process upgrades the VxRail in all clusters in a domain in parallel. If you have multiple clusters in the management domain or in a VI workload domain, you can select which clusters to upgrade. You can also choose to update the clusters in parallel or sequentially.


  • Ensure that the domain/clusters for which you want to perform upgrade do not have any VxRail Managers or hosts in an error state. Resolve the error state before proceeding.
  • Download the VxRail update bundle.


  1. Navigate to the Updates/Patches tab of the appropriate domain.
  2. Run the upgrade precheck.
    If the clusters in your workload domain have different hardware, you can run a precheck at the cluster level using the precheck API. For information on this API, select Developer Center in the left panel on the SDDC Manager Dashboard and then search for precheck in the Overview tab.
  3. Click View Details in the Available Updates section to display the bundle that you downloaded before starting the upgrade.
    The Resource Changes section displays the VxRail cluster in the workload domain that needs to be upgraded.
  4. Click Exit Details.
  5. Click Update Now or Schedule Update and select the date and time for the bundle to be applied.
  6. Select Enable Cluster-level selection if you want to upgrade VxRail by cluster and then select the clusters that you want to upgrade.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Select the upgrade options and click Next.
    By default, all clusters are upgraded in parallel. To upgrade clusters sequentially, select Enable sequential cluster upgrade.
  9. On the Review page, click Finish.
  10. Monitor the upgrade.