Review the deployment summary.


  1. On the Review Summary page, review the deployment summary.
    To make an edit, click Back.
  2. Click Next.
    The input you provided in the wizard is validated and the list of tasks being vaidated is displayed on the Validation page. If a validation failes, click Retry. When the validation is successful, the Finish button is enabled.
  3. Click Finish.


As each task is validated, the status for that task changs to Successful. You can sort the task by status. You can also download the list of tasks being validated by clicking Download.

If all validations tasks are not successful, you can either ignore or retry them based on their severity.

After the validation is completed, the Enterprise PKS solution is added to the PKS table on the Workload Domains page. The Tasks table displays details of the tasks being performed and the status of each task.

What to do next

You can generate certificates for PKS components using the Certificate Generation Utility for VMware Validated Design. For more information, see Generate CA-Signed Certificates for All Components for Enterprise PKS with NSX-T Workload Domains.