You need to retrieve the Operations Manager SSH key to log in to the Operations Manager appliance.


  1. Retrieve the solution ID of the Enterprise PKS workload domain in one of the following ways.
    • SDDC Manager Dashboard
      1. In the navigation bar, click Workload Domains.
      2. In the PKS section, click Details.
      3. Click the link for the appropriate PKS domain and copy the solution ID from the link. An example link is as follows:

        https://sddc-manager /ui/sddc-manager/inventory/domains/pks-domains/d695d9a0-fe5f-4efb-ac3c-ff6b09f44a5b(monitoring-panel:monitoring/tasks}

        The solution ID in this link is d695d9a0-fe5f-4efb-ac3c-ff6b09f44a5b.

    • SDDC Manager console
      1. Using SSH, log in to the SDDC Manager VM with the following credentials:

        Username: vcf

        Password: use the password specified in the deployment parameter sheet

      2. Run the following command.
        curl localhost/solutions/discovery/pkssolutions
                "solutionId": "d695d9a0-fe5f-4efb-ac3c-ff6b09f44a5b",
                "domainId": "3530679c-b49a-4d0e-9873-163fe8e2b015",
                "pksVersion": "1.7.0-build.26",
                "harborVersion": "1.10.1-build.7",
                "clusters": [
                        "name": "my-cluster",
                        "pksVersion": "1.7.0-build.26",
                        "k8sVersion": "1.16.7",
                        "state": "failed"
      3. Copy the value of the solutionId.
  2. Retrieve the Operations Manager SSH key for the solution.

    curl localhost/solutions/discovery/1ef0af79-3de1-41a1-b846-b471d5bd3bb4/opsmanagersshkey | jq -r '.sshKey' > opsmanagerssh.key

  3. Connect to the Operations Manager appliance using the key you retrieved in step 2.
    ssh -i opsmanagerssh.key ubuntu@ops-manager.vrack.vsphere.local