After deploying vRealize Automation in VMware Cloud Foundation, you must manually start the vRealize Orchestrator Configurator service to access the vRealize Orchestrator configuration interface.


  1. Log in to the first vRealize Automation appliance by using Secure Shell (SSH) client to configure the embedded vRealize Orchestrator Configurator service.
  2. Verify that the vRealize Orchestrator user interface service is running.
    1. Run the following command to verify that the service is set to automatically start.
      chkconfig vco-configurator
    2. If the service reports Off, run the following command to enable an automatic restart of the vRealize Orchestrator Configurator service upon subsequent reboots of the vRealize Automation appliance.
      chkconfig vco-configurator on
    3. Verify the status of the vRealize Orchestrator Configurator service by running the following command .
      service vco-configurator status
    4. Repeat the procedure to configure vRealize Orchestrator for the other vRealize Automation appliances.