This section lists sample values used in the NSX-T Edge procedures. These sample values have been referred through the procedures so that you can understand the network mapping for NSX-T workload domains and NSX-T Edges.

Sample Workload Domain Values

Setting Value
Site sfo01
NSX-T workload name w
domain name rainpole.local

Sample FQDN and IP Addresses for Compute vCenter Server in the Management Domain

Setting Value IP Address
FQDN sfo01w01vc01.sfo01.rainpole.local

Sample FQDN and IP Addresses for NSX-T Manager in the Management Domain

FQDN IP Address

Sample VLAN IDs and IP Subnets for Availability Zone 1 for NSX-T Workload Domain

VLAN Function VLAN ID Subnet Gateway
Management 1641
vSphere vMotion 1642
vSAN 1643
Host overlay 1644
Uplink01 1647
Uplink02 1648
Edge overlay 1649