You can connect vRealize Log Insight in VMware Cloud Foundation to all workload domains in the SDDC Manager user interface.

Once enabled, you cannot deactivate the connection to vRealize Log Insight. All subsequently created workload domains will automatically connect and send logs to the vRealize Log Insight cluster.


  • Verify you have a valid license key for vRealize Log Insight, which is purchased separately from Cloud Foundation.

    You can view your license in the vRealize Log Insight interface by navigating to Management > License.

  • Verify that the vRealize Log Insight cluster is online and operational.


  1. On the SDDC Manager Dashboard, navigate to Administration > vRealize Suite.
    The vRealize Suite navigation appears, listing the vRealize Suite products available for your VMware Cloud Foundation system deployment.
  2. Click vRealize Log Insight.

    The vRealize Log Insight page displays.

    The top portion of the page allows you to enable log collection for all workload domains. If not enabled, the Enable button is active.

    The lower portion of the page displays the configuration details, including load balancer hostname, node size, and node count.

  3. Click Enable.
    After a moment, the page will update with a message indicating Connect Workload Domains to vRealize Log Insight in Progress. In Tasks, monitor the Status of the Connect Workload Domains to vRealize Log Insight action. Once Successful, vRealize Log Insight will collect logs from both the management workload domain and all additional workload domains.