Connection Servers are mandatory for a Horizon domain. It is recommended that you have a minimum of two Connection Servers for high availability; the maximum number supported by a Horizon domain is seven. A Connection Server can scale to a maximum of 2000 active sessions. You can reach the maximum recommended 10,000 sessions with five Connection Servers but two servers are required for high availability. Hence, seven Connection Servers are recommended for the 10,000 sessions.


  1. On the Horizon Connection Servers page, provide general information about the Connection Server.
    Table 1. Horizon Connection Servers General
    Field Name Information to be Entered
    Horizon License Select the Horizon license key to use for this Horizon domain.
    VM Name Prefix Enter a prefix for the Connection Servers VM names.
    Admin Group Name Enter the administrator group name that has administrator access to the Horizon environment. This group must exist in the Active Directory. For example, horizonAdmin.
    Load Balancer Alias Select the load balancer to for the Horizon Connection Servers. The selected load balancer must be in the same network as the Connection Servers.
    SQL Server Alias Select the SQL Server to use with the Horizon Connection Servers.
    Database Name Enter the database name to use with Horizon Connection Servers. If a database with this name exists, it will be overwritten.
  2. In the Add Connection Servers section, select Add manually to add Connection Servers manually or Import from JSON template to import Connection Servers from a JSON file.
    • To add the Connection Servers manually, follow the steps below
      1. Provide the following information.
        Field Name Information to be Entered
        Computer Name Enter a computer name for the Connection Server.
        FQDN The FQDN for the Connection Server is auto-generated using the computer name and the Active Directory FQDN.
        VM Name Enter a Virtual Machine name for the Connection Server.
        IP Address Enter an IP address for the Connection Server.
        Subnet Mask Enter the subnet mask for the Connection Server.
        Gateway Enter a gateway for the Connection Server.
      2. Click Add.

        The Connection Server is added to the Connection Servers table.

      3. Repeat steps a and b for additional Connection Servers as required.
    • To import Connection Servers from a JSON file, click Browse, select the file, and click Upload.

      Connection Servers from the JSON file are added to the Connection Servers table.

  3. Click Next.