Use of the vRealize Log Insight instance that is deployed by SDDC Manager is licensed separately. vRealize Log Insight delivers real-time log management for VMware environments, providing visibility of logs and easier troubleshooting across the physical and virtual infrastructure in your VMware Cloud Foundation system.

During bring-up, SDDC Manager deploys and configures the vRealize Log Insight virtual appliance. From your deployed vRealize Log Insight instance, you can view and analyze logs to assist in troubleshooting, trend analysis, and so on.

The bring-up process also installs and configures content packs in the vRealize Log Insight instance. A content pack provides dashboards, extracted fields, predefined queries, and alerts that are related to the content pack's specific product or set of logs. When you launch the vRealize Log Insight Web interface, the installed content packs are ready for use. For an overview of these content packs, see Using vRealize Log Insight Capabilities in Your VMware Cloud Foundation System. For detailed information on how to use the dashboards, predefined queries, and collected log data in vRealize Log Insight, see the vRealize Log Insight product documentation.

You can open the vRealize Log Insight interface directly from SDDC Manager UI. For details, see Enable vRealize Log Insight in VMware Cloud Foundation.

If this is the first time after the initial bring-up process that the vRealize Log Insight Web interface is launched, type the system-assigned credentials into the login screen and then click Login. Then use the vRealize Log Insight Web interface to assign permissions to your superuser account and other user accounts.
Note: You can look up the system-assigned credentials for the vRealize Log Insight Web interface by logging in to the SDDC Manager appliance and running the /home/vrack/bin/lookup-password command.
Important: Do not change the password of the admin account from within the vRealize Log Insight Web interface, or unpredictable results can occur. To change the admin account's password without rotating all account passwords, see Manually Update Passwords.


  1. Open the vRealize Log Insight Web interface.
  2. If the vRealize Log Insight login screen appears, log in with the appropriate credentials.
    • If this is the first time logging in to vRealize Log Insight after the initial bring-up process, use the username admin and the randomized password that was set when the passwords were rotated at the end of the bring-up process.
    • If you are using an account that was set up for you in vRealize Log Insight, use those credentials to log in.
    When you are logging in to the vRealize Log Insight Web interface with the admin account after updating passwords, you must use the randomized password that is set for that account by the rotation procedure. For details about passwords, see Manually Update Passwords.


The vRealize Log Insight web interface appears with the display filtered to the Dashboards > VMware-VCF > Overview page to show the various event widgets.