During the bring-up process, vRealize Log Insight is deployed and configured to collect logs from the management domain components (vSphere, NSX Manager, and SDDC Manager). To enable logging on VI workload domains, you must provide your own license for vRealize Log Insight. After you enter the license key on the vRealize Log Insight UI and enable logging in VMware Cloud Foundation, workload domains are automatically connected to vRealize Log Insight.

Once logging is enabled for workload domains, you cannot turn off this setting.


  1. On the SDDC Manager Dashboard, click navigate to Administration > vRealize Suite.
  2. Click vRealize Log Insight.
  3. Click the vRealize Log Insight link.
  4. Login to vRealize Log Insight with the admin credentials you provided in the deployment parameters sheet before bring-up.
  5. Navigate to Administration > Management > License.
  6. Click Add New License.
  7. Enter the license key and click Add License.
  8. Verify that the license you added is displayed in the license table and the status is active.
    VMware Cloud Foundation connects vRealize Log Insight to workload domains.
  9. On the SDDC Manager Dashboard, click Enable in the Enable Logging for all Workload Domains window.


Cloud Foundation connects the vSphere and NSX components for all existing workload domains to vRealize Log Insight. Workload domains created after enabling logging are automatically connected to vRealize Log Insight.