A decommissioned host must be cleaned up before it can be assigned to a workload domain. You can use the SoS utility on the SDDC Manager VM to perform host cleanup.


Gather the following information for each host that you want to clean up:
  • IP address
  • User name and password (root credentials)


  1. Using SSH, log in to the SDDC Manager appliance with the following credentials:
    Username: vcf

    Password: use the password specified in the deployment parameter sheet

  2. Enter su to switch to the root user.
  3. Change to the /opt/vmware/sddc-support directory.
  4. Edit decommissioned_host_cleanup_sample.json to include information for the host(s) you want to clean up.
  5. Type the following command:
    ./sos --cleanup-decommissioned-host

What to do next

You can now commission the host to the VMware Cloud Foundation inventory and add it to a workload domain.