By default, the vRealize Operations Manager node's load balancer is configured for SSL Termination. If you plan to use a custom certificate with vRealize Operations Manager, it is recommended that you replace the certificate on the vRealize Operations Manager cluster and configure the load balancer for SSL Passthrough.


Verify that you have successfully replaced the vRealize Operations Manager certificate using the workflow described in Certificate Management.


  1. Log in into the management vCenter Server and navigate to Home > Networking & Security.
  2. Select NSX Edges in the Navigator.
  3. Confirm that the IP address in the NSX Manager field is identical to the IP address for the NSX Manager for the management domain in VMware Cloud Foundation.
  4. Double-click the NSX Edge labeled vrealize-edge.
  5. Select the Manage tab, then the Load Balancer tab.
  6. Open Application Profiles.
  7. Find and click the profile named vrops-https, and click Edit.
  8. In the Application Profile Type drop-down menu, select SSL Passthrough and click OK.
  9. ​Log into the vRealize Operations Manager primary node as root via SSH or Console.
  10. Open /usr/lib/vmware-vcopssuite/utilities/conf/vcops-apache.conf in a text editor.
  11. Find the ServerName ${VCOPS_APACHE_SERVER_NAME} line and insert a new line after it.
  12. On the new line enter the following:
    ServerAlias vrops-lb.vrack.vsphere.local vrops-master.vrack.vsphere.local

    Replace vrops-lb.vrack.vsphere.local with the FQDN of vRealize Operations Manager load balancer and replace vrops-master.vrack.vsphere.local with the FQDN of the vRealize Operations Manager primary node.

  13. Save and close the file.
  14. Restart the apache2 service:
    service apache2 restart
  15. Repeat steps 9-14 for all nodes in the vRealize Operations Manager cluster.