You can view details of a currently active certificate for a component resource directly in the SDDC Manager Dashboard.


  1. In the SDDC Manager Dashboard, click Inventory > Workload Domains.
    The Workload Domains page displays information for all workload domains.
  2. In the list of domains, click the name of the workload domain to open the details page for that domain.
    The workload domain details page displays CPU, memory, and storage allocated to the domain.
  3. Select the Security Tab.
    This tab lists the certificates for each Cloud Foundation resource component, including the following details:
    • Issuer, such as Certificate Authority.
    • Start and finish dates for certificate validity.
    • Current certificate status: Active, Expiring (will expire within 15 days), or Expired.
    • Certificate operation status.
  4. To view certificate details, expand the resource to view the certificate details In the Resource Type column.
    The expanded field displays certificate details including signature algorithm, public key, public key algorithm, certificate string, and more.