This section lists pre-requisites for a VI workload domain.

  • A DHCP server must be configured on the NSX-T host overlay (Host TEP) VLAN of the workload domain. When NSX-T creates Edge Tunnel End Points (TEPs) for the VI workload domain, they are assigned IP addresses from the DHCP server.
  • A minimum of three hosts must be available for the cluster to be created during the VxRail first run.
  • Decide on a name for your VI workload domain. Each VI workload domain must have a unique name. It is good practice to include region and site information in the name because resource object names (such as host and vCenter names) are generated based on the VI workload domain name. The name can be three to 20 characters long and can contain any combination of the following:
    • Lowercase alphabetic characters
    • Uppercase alphabetic characters
    • Numbers
    Note: Spaces are not allowed in any of the names you specify when creating a VI workload domain.
  • Decide on the following passwords - refer to the appropriate table for the Cloud Foundation version in your environment.
    • vCenter root password
    • NSX-T Manager admin password
  • Update the management domain before you deploy WLD. To check the management domain Bill of Materials (BOM), see VMware Cloud Foundation on Dell EMC VxRail Release Notes. If the management domain BOM does not match, connect to the LCM depot, download, and apply the upgrade patches.
  • Table 1. Passwords for Cloud Foundation
    Account Password Requirements
    vCenter root
    1. Length 8-20 characters
    2. Must include:
      • mix of upper-case and lower-case letters
      • a number
      • a special character
    NSX-T Manager admin
    1. Minimum length 12 characters
    2. Must include:
      • at least one lowercase and one uppercase letter
      • a number
      • a special character
      • exclude_char such as { } [ ] ( ) / \ ' " ` ~ , ; : . < >
      • at least five different characters
    3. Must not include:
      • a dictionary word
      • a palindrome
      • more than four monotonic character sequences
  • Gather the information that you need for the workload domain creation workflow.
    Table 2. Information Required
    vCenter IP address and FQDN
    Three NSX Managers IP addresses and FQDNs
    NSX Manager Virtual IP (VIP) address and FQDN
  • The IP addresses and Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDNs) for the vCenter and NSX Manager instances must be resolvable by DNS.
  • You must have valid license keys for the following products:
    • NSX-T Data Center
    • vSAN

      Because vSAN licenses are per CPU, ensure that you have sufficient licenses for the ESXi hosts to be used for the workload domain.