At the review step of the wizard, review the information about the workload domain and start the creation workflow. You can also print the information or download a printable version to print later.

The Review page displays information about the resources and their configurations that will be deployed when the workflow creates and deploys the virtual infrastructure for this workload domain.


  1. Scroll down the page to review the information.
  2. Click Finish to begin the creation process.

    The Workload Domains page appears and a notification is displayed letting you know that VI workload domain is being added. Click View Task Status to view the domain creation tasks and sub tasks.

    If a task fails, you can fix the issue and re-run the task. If the workload domain creation fails, contact VMware Support.


The status will be activating until we add the primary cluster in to domain. When the VxRail VI workload domain is created, it is added to the workload domains table along with the already listed management domain.

The OEM license is assigned by default to the workload domains.