The primary cluster is created during the VI domain creation.

Before adding the VxRail cluster, you need to perform the imaging of the workload domain nodes. Once you complete the imaging, perform the VxRail first run of the workload domain nodes using the external vCenter Server.
  • Create a local user in vCenter server as this is an external server deployed by VMware Cloud Foundation. This is required for the VxRail first run.
    1. Log in to the workload domain vCenter Server Appliance through vSphere Web Client.
    2. Select Menu > Administration > Single Sign On.
    3. Click Users and Groups.
    4. Click Users.
    5. Select Domain vSphere.local.
    6. Click Add User.
    7. In the Add User pop-up window, enter the values for the mandatory fields.
    8. Enter Username as vxadmin and Password. Confirm the Password.
    9. Click Add.
    10. Wait for the task to complete.
  • Image the workload domain nodes. For information on imaging the nodes, contact Dell EMC Support.
  • Do a VxRail first run of the workload domain nodes using the external vCenter Server. For information on the VxRail first run, contact Dell EMC Support.
  • Once the validation is complete, trigger the build VxRail operation.
  • The cluster is created in VxRail.

To add a cluster with a new NSX-T cluster and vDS for an overlay traffic isolation, see Add a Cluster with a New NSX-T Cluster and vDS. To add a cluster with a shared NSX-T cluster and new vDS for an overlay traffic isolation, see Add a Cluster with a Shared NSX-T Cluster and New vDS. To add the primary VxRail cluster to a workload domain through the UI, perform the following tasks:


  1. On the SDDC Manager Dashboard, click Inventory > Workload Domains. The Workload Domains page displays information for all workload domains.
  2. In the workload domains table, hover your mouse over workload domain in the activating state. The primary cluster needs to be added to the activating domain. This means that the domain is not created and it is waiting for the addition of primary cluster.
    A set of three dots appears on the left of the workload domain name.
  3. Click these three dots. Click Add VxRail Cluster.
  4. The Add VxRail Cluster to Workload Domain page appears.
  5. On the Discovered Clusters page, a single VxRail cluster or multiple VxRail clusters in the vCenter are discovered. If there are multiple clusters, select a cluster. Click Next.
  6. The Hosts page displays a list of the discovered hosts for that cluster. Update the SSH password for the discovered hosts for that cluster. Click the icon next to the name of the host to get more information about it. Click Next.
  7. On the VxRail Manager page, enter the Admin and Root usernames and passwords.
  8. The Networking page displays all the networking details for the cluster.
    1. On the Networking page of the wizard, choose to create a new NSX Manager cluster or reuse an existing one.
      For the first VI workload domain, you must create an NSX Manager cluster.
    2. If you are reusing an existing NSX Manager cluster, select the cluster.
      The networking information for the selected cluster will display and cannot be edited. Skip to step e.
    3. If you are creating a new NSX Manager cluster, enter the VLAN ID for the NSX-T host overlay (host TEP) network. The VLAN must be DHCP-enabled.
    4. Provide the NSX Manager cluster details:
      • NSX Manager Virtual IP (VIP) address and FQDN
      • IP addresses and FQDNs for three NSX Managers (nodes)
      • NSX Manager Admin password
    5. Click Next.