Cloud Foundation offers automated lifecycle management on a per-workload basis. Available updates for all components are tested for interoperability and bundled with the necessary logic for proper installation order. The update bundles are then scheduled for automatic installation on a per-workload domain basis. This allows administrators to target specific workloads or environments (development vs. production, for example) for updates independent from the rest of the environment.

vSphere Lifecycle Manager (vLCM), a vCenter service, is now integrated with Cloud Foundation. vLCM enables you to create cluster images for centralized and simplified lifecycle management of ESXi hosts including firmware. When a VI workload domain cluster is created with an image, you can update and upgrade the ESXi version on all hosts in the cluster collectively. You can also install and update vendor add-ons and components on all ESXi hosts in a cluster. The vLCM update manager is optional.