You can use a file-based backup and restore solution for SDDC Manager and NSX Manager.

In a file-based solution, the state of a product is periodically exported to a file that is stored in a different domain than the one where the product is running. If the product needs to be restored, the OVA is redeployed and a selected backup file is used to restore the state. Finally, the post-restore steps are done.

In case you have to restore the SDDC Manager VM or an NSX Manager VM, you select the backup file to restore and download the appropriate OVA file. You can deploy this OVA either through vCenter Server or through the OVF tool. You then load the state on the newly deployed VM.

Note the following limitations for file-based backup:

  • This solution requires that you register an external SFTP server. See Configure an External SFTP Server for File-Based Backups. If you do not use an external SFTP server, NSX Managers continue to write backups to the built-in SFTP server on the SDDC Manager VM. This process does not back up the NSX Manager backup files, which leave a gap in protection.
  • For the SDDC Manager VM, you must set a backup schedule after setting up an external SFTP server. Backups are not configured automatically. See Configure a Backup Schedule for SDDC Manager VM.
  • Neither SDDC Manager nor NSX Manager currently manage the files they back up. It is your responsibility to delete the files that are backed up once their age exceeds your company's retention policy.
  • This solution cannot be used for composable servers.
  • This solution cannot be used when you have stretched clusters in your environment.