If the SDDC Manager VM does not have access to the internet, you can use the Bundle Transfer Utility to download the VxRail Manager bundles required to upgrade to VMware Cloud Foundation 4.1.


The Bundle Transfer Utility is a CLI-based tool with support for both Windows and Linux platforms. You must have a Windows or Linux computer that meets the following requirements:
  • Java 8 runtime environment, update 261 or later.
  • Connectivity to depot.vmware.com and the Dell EMC depot.
  • Connectivity to SDDC Manager over SSH and HTTPS.
Note: The Bundle Transfer Utility and Skip Level Upgrade Tool is the only supported method for downloading bundles. Do not use third-party tools or other methods to download bundles.


  1. SSH in to the SDDC Manager VM using the vcf user account.
  2. Navigate to the /opt/vmware/vcf/lcm/lcm-tools/bin directory.
  3. Run the following command to create a marker file:
    ./lcm-bundle-transfer-util --generateMarker
    The output includes the location of the markerFile and markerFile.md5 files.
  4. Copy the markerFile and markerFile.md5 files to a computer with internet access.
  5. On the computer with internet access, download the Bundle Transfer Utility & Skip Level Upgrade Tool for VMware Cloud Foundation 4.1 from My VMware.
  6. Extract the file lcm-tools-prod.tar.gz.
  7. Run the following command:
    lcm-bundle-transfer-util.bat -download "downloadPartnerBundle" -
    outputDirectory <target-folder> -depotUser <VMware support account
    username> -pdu <DellEMC Support account username> -markerFile <full path
    to markerfile> -markerMd5File <full path to marker md5 file>
    For example:
    lcm-bundle-transfer-util.bat -download "downloadPartnerBundle" -
    outputDirectory C:\Bundles -depotUser ffirth@vmware.com –pdu
    firthf@dell.com –markerFile C:\Temp\markerFile –markerMd5File
  8. When prompted, enter your MyVMware password and your Dell EMC Support password.
    The required bundles are downloaded to the specified output directory.
  9. Copy the contents of the output directory (C:\Bundles in the example above) to the /nfs/vmware/vcf/nfs-mount directory on the SDDC Manager VM.
  10. SSH in to the SDDC Manager VM using the vcf user account.
  11. Enter su to switch to the root user.
  12. Navigate to the /nfs/vmware/vcf/nfs-mount directory.
  13. Change the ownership of the folder containing the bundles:
    # chown vcf_lcm:vcf -R /nfs/vmware/vcf/nfs-mount/<bundles folder>
  14. Change the permissions of the folder containing the bundles:
    # chmod 0777 -R /nfs/vmware/vcf/nfs-mount/<bundles folder>
  15. Copy the bundles to /nfs/vmware/vcf/nfs-mount/bundle/depot/local/bundles:
    cp –p /nfs/vmware/vcf/nfs-mount/<bundles folder> /nfs/vmware/vcf/nfs-mount/bundle/depot/local/bundles/
  16. Copy the softwareCompatibilitySets.json file to the proper location:
    cp –p /nfs/vmware/vcf/nfs-mount/<bundles folder>/softwareCompatibilitySets.json /nfs/vmware/vcf/nfsmount/bundle/depot/local/
  17. Copy the partnerBundleMetadata.json file to the proper location:
    cp –p /nfs/vmware/vcf/nfs-mount/<bundles folder>/ partnerBundleMetadata.json /nfs/vmware/vcf/nfs-mount/bundle/depot/local/
  18. Copy the deltaFileDownloaded and deltaFileDownloaded.md5 files to the proper location:
    cp –p /nfs/vmware/vcf/nfs-mount/<bundles folder>/deltaFileDownloaded* /nfs/vmware/vcf/nfs-mount/bundle/depot/local/bundles
  19. Switch to the vcf user:
    su vcf
  20. Run the following command to upload the bundles to the SDDC Manager repository:
    ./lcm-bundle-transfer-util -upload "uploadPartnerBundle" –bundleDirectory <full path to location of bundle files>
    For example:
    ./lcm-bundle-transfer-util -upload " uploadPartnerBundle" –bundleDirectory /nfs/vmware/vcf/nfs-mount/bundle/depot/local/bundles/


The bundles are uploaded to the SDDC Manager repository. Navigate to Repository > Bundles to verify the bundles are available.