You can use the vSphere Client to rename a cluster managed by VMware Cloud Foundation. The SDDC Manager UI is updated with the new name.


Ensure that you do not rename a cluster in the following conditions:

  • When the cluster belongs to a workflow that is in progress.
  • When the cluster belongs to a failed VI workflow, cluster workflow or host workflow. If you try to rename a cluster that belongs to a failed workflow, restart of the failed workflow will not be supported.


  1. On the SDDC Manager Dashboard, click Inventory > Workload Domains.
  2. Click a workload domain.
  3. Under the Clusters tab, click a cluster you want to rename.
  4. On the right of the cluster name, click Actions and then click Open in vSphere Client.
  5. In the vSphere Client, click Actions and then click Rename.
  6. Enter a new name for the cluster.
  7. Click OK.
    Note: It takes up to two minutes for the new name to appear on the SDDC Manager UI.