VMware Cloud Foundation version 4.1 introduces the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager in VMware Cloud Foundation mode to deploy and manage vRealize Suite products. If you deployed vRealize Suite products manually in your pre-upgrade VMware Cloud Foundation environment, you must import vRealize Suite configuration and objects to VMware Cloud Foundation before starting the upgrade process.


  1. Retrieve the following objects names.
    • Name of the standalone tier-1 router that was deployed for load-balancing the deployed vRealize products
    • Name of the load balancer configured on the tier-1 router for vRealize products
    • Interface name of the standalone tier-1 router, attached to the X-Region network
    • Edge cluster name. This is required only if vRealize Suite products were deployed on VLAN instead of VXLAN-based AVNs
  2. Import these object names to SDDC Manager.
    1. Using SSH, log in to the SDDC Manager VM with the following credentials.

      User name: vcf

      Password: use the password specified in the deployment parameter workbook

    2. Type su to switch to the root user.
    3. Navigate to the /opt/vmware/vcf/domainmanager/config directory.
    4. Edit the application-prod.properties file and replace parameter values with the object names you retrieved in step 1.
      override.tier.interface.name=interface name of tier-1 router
      default.standalone.t1.name=standalone tier-1 router name
      vcf.vrealize.lb.name=load balancer on tier-1 router
    5. Restart domain manager:
      systemctl restart domainmanager 
  3. If the vRealize products in your pre-upgrade environment are deployed on a VLAN-backed network instead of application virtual networks (AVNs), you must import the VLAN networks to the AVN inventory. For more information, see KB article 80864.
  4. Download install bundles for the vRealize Suite products in your pre-upgrade environment. See Install Bundles. Install bundles are required for connecting the products to the management domain.
  5. Delete manually configured adapters in vRealize Operations for vCenter Server, vSAN, vRealize Log Insight, vRealize Automation or cross-region instance of Workspace One.
    vRealize Operations adapters are configured by SDDC Manager during the import process.
  6. If you have vRealize Log Insight in your pre-upgrade environment, remove the syslog servers configured in NSX-T Managers.


SDDC Manager is now aware of vRealize Suite products and their configuration in your environment.

What to do next

Upgrade vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager