You must follow multiple best practices at all times when you operate your SDDC Manager.

Table 1. SDDC Manager

Best Practice


SDDC Manager Backup


You must back up the SDDC Manager regularly to avoid downtime and data loss in case of a system failure. You can back up and restore SDDC Manager with an image-based or a file-based solution. File-based backup is recommended for customers who are comfortable with configuring backups using APIs, and are not using composable servers or stretched clusters.

For image-based backups of SDDC Manager, use a solution compatible with VMware vSphere Storage APIs - Data Protection.

For file-based backups, configure an external SFTP server as a target backup location.

Install Security Patches and updates for SDDC Manager


Make sure you intall all security patches and updates. To apply patches and updates to SDDC Manager, follow the guidance in the VMware Cloud Foundation Lifecycle Management document.

Use an SSL certificate issued by a trusted certificate authority on the SDDC Manager


The use of a trusted certificate on the SDDC Manager appliance assures clients that the service they are connecting to is legitimate and trusted. To update the SDDC Manager certificate, refer the following URL: Install Certificates with External or Third-Party Certificate Authorities.

Do not expose SDDC Manager directly on the Internet


Allowing access to the SDDC Manager appliance from the internet or externally to the organization could expose the server to denial of service attacks or other penetration attempts. Note that this fix refers to an entity outside the scope of SDDC Manager. Security Architect (SA) should work with network or boundary team to ensure proper firewall rules or other mechanisms are in place to protect the SDDC Manager appliance from being accessible externally to the organization.

Assign least privileges to users and service accounts in SDDC Manager


Users and service accounts must only be assigned privileges they require. Least Privilege requires that these privileges must only be assigned if needed, to reduce risk of confidentiality, availability, or integrity loss.

From the SDDC Manager UI, under Administration > Users, review the users and groups assigned a role in SDDC Manager and verify that an appropriate role is assigned.

Dedicate an account for downloading updates and patches in SDDC Manager


Using a dedicated My VMware account when access is allowed to pull updates online will ensure consistent access to updates and security patches in the event of system administrator turnover or account access issues.

From the SDDC Manager UI, go to Administration > Repository Settings, configure a dedicated account that is not associated with a particular system administrator.