You can isolate VMkernel traffic (management, vSAN, vMotion, or overlay) across multiple physical NICs (pNICs). Each vSphere distributed switch supports two or more pNICS, so you must define additional vSphere distributed switches and map traffic per vDS as appropriate.

Traffic isolation across physical NICs is not supported through the UI. You must enable the additional pNICs on hosts before commissioning them to VMware Cloud Foundation. You can then update the API spec to map traffic flow to reflect your physical topology. For information on using APIs, see VMware Cloud Foundation API Reference Guide.
Note: Management and VI Workload domains can have hosts with multiple pNICs and vSphere Distributed Switches (vDS) that can scale up-to the vSphere maximums supported in the vSphere version included in the VMware Cloud Foundation Bill of Materials (BOM). See the VMware Cloud Foundation Release Notes for the BOM.