The vCenter bundle upgrades vCenter Server. Upgrade the management domain before upgrading any VI workload domains.


  • Download the VMware vCenter upgrade bundle. See Download Bundles.
  • Validate that the vCenter Server password is valid.
  • If your VI workload domain contains Workload Management enabled clusters, ensure that Workload Management is at version 1.17 or higher. If Workload Management is at a lower version, upgrade Workload Management to at least version 1.17 before upgrading vCenter Server.


  1. Navigate to the Updates/Patches tab of the domain you are upgrading.
  2. Run the upgrade precheck. See Perform Update Precheck.
  3. In the Available Updates section, select the target release.
  4. Click Update Now or Schedule Update next to the vCenter upgrade bundle.
  5. If you selected Schedule Update, click the date and time for the bundle to be applied.
  6. Monitor the upgrade progress. See Monitor Updates.
    If a component upgrade fails, the failure is displayed across all associated workload domains. Resolve the issue and retry the failed task.

What to do next