Configure the Microsoft Certificate Authority with basic authentication to allow SDDC Manager the ability to manage signed certificates.


  1. Log in to the Active Directory server by using a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client.


    Active Directory Host


    Active Directory administrator



  2. Add Basic Authentication to the Web Server (IIS).
    1. Click Start > Run, enter ServerManager, and click OK.
    2. From the Dashboard, click Add roles and features to start the Add Roles and Features wizard.
    3. On the Before you begin page, click Next.
    4. On the Select installation type page, click Next.
    5. On the Select destination server page, click Next.
    6. On the Select server roles page, under Web Server (IIS) > Web Server > Security, select Basic Authentication and click Next.
    7. On the Select features page, click Next.
    8. On the Confirm installation selections page, click Install.
  3. Configure the certificate service template and CertSrv web site, for basic authentication.
    1. Click Start > Run, enter Inetmgr.exe and click OK to open the Internet Information Services Application Server Manager.
    2. Navigate to your_server > Sites > Default Web Site > CertSrv.
    3. Under IIS, double-click Authentication.
    4. On the Authentication page, right-click Basic Authentication and click Enable.
    5. In the navigation pane, select Default Web Site.
    6. In the Actions pane, under Manage Website, click Restart for the changes to take effect.