Leaving a federation removes the Multi-Instance Management view from the SDDC Manager UI.

If you are a controller, you can leave a federation only if there is at least one more controller in the federation. If you are the only controller member in a federation, you must dismantle a federation instead of leaving it.


Verify that the federation is healthy - there should be no red dots on the world map of the Multi-Instance Management Dashboard. A red dot indicates that SDDC Manager is unable to communicate with that member. A controller must remove the member using the leave API. See the VMware Cloud Foundation API Reference Guide.


  1. Click the Grid icon at the top right of the Multi-Instance Management Dashboard.
  2. In the member table, click the dot icon next to your member name and click Leave Federation.
  3. Type the federation name and click Leave.

What to do next

Do not perform any operation for a few minutes after leaving a federation.