Enter license keys for the VMware Cloud Foundation components.

In the License Keys section, update the red fields with your license keys. Ensure the license key matches the product listed in each row and that the license key is valid for the version of the product listed in the VMware Cloud Foundation BOM. The license key audit during bring-up validates both the format of the key entered and the validity of the key.

During the bring-up process, you can provide the following license keys:
  • ESXi
  • vSAN
  • vCenter Server
  • NSX-T Data Center
  • SDDC Manager
Note: The ESXi license key is the only mandatory key. If the other license keys are left blank, then VMware Cloud Builder applies a temporary OEM license for vSAN, vCenter Server, and NSX-T Data Center.
Important: If you do not enter license keys for these products, you will not be able to create or expand VI workload domains.