Configure the management network for the vSAN witness host in the ESXi Direct Console User Interface (DCUI).


  1. In the inventory panel of the vCenter Server Client, select vCenter Server > Datacenter.
  2. Open the DCUI of the ESXi host.
    1. Right-click the vSAN witness host and click Open remote console.
    2. Press F2 to enter the DCUI.
    3. Log in with the vsan_witness_root_password.
  3. Configure the network.
    1. Select Configure Management Network and press Enter.
    2. Select IPv4 Configuration and press Enter.
    3. Select Set static IPv4 address and network configuration and press the Space bar.
    4. Enter IPv4 Address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway and press Enter.
    5. Select DNS Configuration and press Enter.
    6. Select Use the following DNS Server address and hostname and press the Space bar.
    7. Enter Primary DNS Server, Alternate DNS Server and Hostname and press Enter.
    8. Select Custom DNS Suffixes and press Enter.
    9. Ensure that there are no suffixes listed and press Enter.
  4. Press Escape to exit and press Y to confirm the changes.