You can remove a host from a cluster in a workload domain through the Workload Domains page in SDDC Manager UI.

When a host is removed, the vSAN members are reduced. Ensure that you have enough hosts remaining to facilitate the configured vSAN availability. Failure to do so might result in the datastore being marked as read-only or in data loss.


Use the vSphere Client to make sure that there are no critical alarms on the cluster from which you want to remove the host.


  1. In the navigation pane, click Inventory > Workload Domains.
  2. In the workload domains table, click the name of the workload domain that you want to modify.
  3. Click the Clusters tab.
  4. Click the name of the cluster from which you want to remove a host.
  5. Click the Hosts tab.
  6. Select the host(s) to remove and click Remove Selected Hosts.
  7. Click Remove to confirm the action.
    The details page for the cluster appears with a message indicating that the host is being removed. When the removal process is complete, the host is removed from the hosts table and deleted from vCenter Server.